Does it sound like he will ever make it official?

I have been hanging out with him for seven years. We have gone on dates, hooked up, etc. He's introduced me to his friends (we hang out with two completely different crowds) and I have introduced him to mine. For seven years we have kept it casual. Mainly because be ended up enlisting himself in the Navy and was gone for 4 years. He recently got out and we have hung out since. Every time he was on leave, I was the first person he got ahold of. We speak everyday and have been for these seven years (minus the 4 months when he first was enlisted). But my main problem is that he has never spoken of a relationship with me outside of what we already have. Except once. But I don't know how serious he was. Our relationship in the beginning was just sex. We both ended up dating someone else, and I happened to get pregnant. The guy left me and he ended up splitting up with his girlfriend around the same time. He texted me one day and we were talking about how my child's father didn't want anything to do with my son. He then texted me and said "Well, let's get married and run away together". To which I replied "I thought you never wanted to get married". And he said "I didn't. But no women should have to parent a child alone". So I don't know if he was being serious OR if it was just on the fact that he was doing it for my son. I have tried bringing up a relationship with him. He never really gave me a complete straight answer. I know he is afraid to get hurt again because of the girl he had dated. She cheated on him multiple times and he hasn't been with anyone since. And since he has been out of the Navy, he's had extreme PTSD which causes him to shut down emotionally. Do you guys think anything will ever come of this relationship? Where we have yet to become official even though this has been going on for seven years.


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  • Why would he pay for dinner when you cook it for free?
    It sounds horrible, but he's scared and you give him everything he wants without any of the scary parts. He can still come and go and do as he pleases with other women and no guilt because you guys aren't really dating. I think after 7 years you might as well risk having a talk with him so at least you can move on and find someone who will commit to you and give you everything you deserve. You deserve more than just sex when its good for him.
    It sounds like he does at least care in some manner about you and your son but if he loved you he would of told you by now. Or shown more of an interest


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