Do I have a right to be worried?

My girlfriend and I have been seeing eachother excluisvely for about 3 weeks now. We go to the same school so anytime we go to the clubs/bars its always together. Prior to meeting her she would go out with her friends 4-5 times a week... Im not saying that's right or wrong because I went out with my friends 2-3 times a week. Last night she tells me she wants to got out with just her friends a night this week. I told her she doesn't need my permission and she should definitely hang out with her friends. I didn't tell her this but Im worried because while we were just dating shed go out with her friends and would get so drunk she'd black out (shed tell me this) and the most recent time being over spring break (we just became exlusive at that time). Im fine with her going out and having fun with friends but when you can't do it responsibly or with some self control its concerning.

I really dont know how to tell her that Im worried about her lack of self control when she's just with her friends without coming across as controlling. I feel if I talk with her about it it also makes her want to do it even more.



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  • Ask to tag along just don't be too forward and just try and help her with whatever hangover she might be facing ; she might be depressed girls worry about things like this , just be there for her you know bring her some pizza chill on the xbox or go for a spontaneous walk in the park


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