How would you react if the girl you're dating always wants to go dutch?

This guy and I just started dating. We're going out today, the first two times we hung out at a park at night. I want to go to the movies today but I want to buy food and then sneak it in bc I don't like theatre food and it's quite expensive. Is that lame to do? I always do it with my friends lol anyways since its our first time hanging out and spending money is it weird if we go dutch? Not sure if he's really supposed to pay bc it was his idea to hang out but I'm Gonna say I want to see a movie. I just don't want him paying for everything, also I'm not sure if that's even a thing anymore, where the guy pays. In my family it is but I don't want to hear "you're so expensive" or "you're emptying my wallet" even if it's a joke. The last guy I was dating told me that. And I just like to pay my own stuff, really. So how could I go about doing this? Just flat out tell him we pay our own stuff when we're at the line to buy our tickets lol?


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  • I dated a girl a few years ago who insisted on paying for something, I paid for movie tickets and she for popcorn and stuff. It's not a big deal, just tell him and if he's not a conservative ass, he won't mind.


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  • First couple of times I'd be kinda "wierd" about it. After that I'd be fine with it.

  • Please. Do.

    • How could I say it to Him?

    • "I'm buying my own ticket! I love buying my own tickets!"

    • Haha okay so just like that

  • Saves me some money. Great.

    • Lol I know

    • It also saves you a sense of obligation: if he didn't pay for your meal or entertainment, you feel that much less obligated to sleep with him or whatever.

    • That is so true. Didn't even see it that way. So how would I go about mentioning this to him?

  • It's no big deal.


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