Describe your perfect date? where would it be and with who? no sex on the first date or maybe if you like the date?


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  • 1. Take me out to dinner, maybe a few games of laser tag, and buy me something.

    2. Surprise me, lover!

    3. No sex. Who do you take me for?

    • "suprise me, lover" well what if your surprised with something involving sex?
      you said 3. No sex, what do you take me for."
      sounds like double standards to me.

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    • i didn't mean to be rude, you can have your opinion.
      well if you are pretty amazing,
      then she might just buy you something...

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  • A perfect date would not involve no sex


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  • just walking around. or a movie. i like movies.

  • Well my perfect date would not be a date at all, I'm not a romantic person and unless I'm hungry I'd rather not go out on a date.
    My perfect date would be finding some very attractive and very interesting (to me) guy and hanging out (place is not important) with him then have sex with him.

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