Dates too spread apart?

I've been on 3 dates with a guy. The first was over a month ago. Then the next was about 2 weeks later. And the next was a couple nights ago. Are these dates too spread apart? I'd like to see him more often. Haven't even gotten a kiss yet.


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  • It was like that when I first started dating my boyfriend. I'd get worried whenever I'd hear all the "He's just not that into you" type advice on how often you should see him and whether he should be pursuing you like a dog in heat. I'm happy to say though, that not all men fit that mold. We are still together, about a year now, and plan to get married. (And we talk every day.) He was just a slow mover is all, which is okay. And sometimes guys need time to figure out how they feel about us, and that's okay too.


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  • Talk to him about it or be outgoing yourself - invite him to do things like "seeing a movie" or "grabbing cofee" etc... He will enjoy it =)

    We can't read minds, and it sounds like he is still interested because of the persistant dates. I wouldn't expect a kiss so soon (guys like myself find it derogative to women) though, when the time is right - you will be rewarded with a kiss of pure delight.

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  • -maybe he is busy

    -maybe work is more important to him

    -maybe he is seeing more than one chick

    -maybe he just wants sex

    *try making a move and seeing what you will get.