What should I do if a girl I'm attracted to is not interested in Asian guys?

im new to this site so I don't know if im asking it right but yeah


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  • I've to someone else. Hello I'm only attracted to Asian guys


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  • You move on to someone else.

    There are a few billion women in the world. Lots won't be into you. Just gotta pick from the ones who do.

    • thank you but what if it's kinda hard to move on tho? I mean aren't there any thigns i can do to make her change her perspective?

    • Generally people are, or aren't attracted to you based on the characteristics you have and how they see them. If she was interested but not sure if you were a good enough guy, you can build rapport (comfort). But the attraction needs to be there very fast.

      Besides, the girl you like best in the world, agreeing to date you, will not actually make you happy if she is not -enthusiastic- about dating you. So I would not spend much effort trying to 'win girls over'. Spend your energy making yourself as attractive as possible, and finding girls who you share your real self with, and they want you.

    • hm I see well you're much older than me so I'm sure you know about girls much better than I know so okay I guess I shd listen to you thanks

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  • Move on :/ You can't reliably change anyone else's desires, and if you start trying, you can really easily become that creepy dude who won't leave the woman the f*ck alone.

    If you haven't already expressed an interest, you might try anyway - maybe she'll decide giving it a try is worth it. But... you might be out of luck there.


    Sorry, and hope it gets better.

  • I have to agree with @kheserthorpe on this one. If that's her personal taste then that is nothing you can really change on your end, it would be best to just move on.


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