Would you go out with someone you're not attracted to after having your heart broken by someone else?

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One time, I was rejected by a guy I really liked and was really upset about it. Then someone started trying to encourage me to go out with some guy that really liked me, but I was not attracted to and was actually pretty creeped out by. I said no and that I wasn't interested in him and they told me that I was being shallow by refusing to date this guy just because I didn't find him attractive.

Was what I did really wrong?


Most Helpful Guy

  • That is the rebound reflex and it is not a good move, it usually ends up with both people getting hurt.


Most Helpful Girl

  • NO. I did that before. Never again. It ended terribly. He wanted more but I just wasn't into him. According to him I led him on. & things got ugly. So if you're heartbroken, lonely, desperate, bored etc ( not saying you are all these things. just generally speaking) deal with your issues first & date guys you actually like. Give yourself time for your wounds to heal before u even look at another guy. lol From my personal
    experience its a terrible idea & I wouldn't
    recommend anyone to do it.
    @ update If u dont like someone u dont have to date them. Who are they to call u shallow for excercising your freedom to
    date who u want to date?


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What Guys Said 3

  • No. Being brokenhearted doesn't mean your standards disappear.

  • nope.

    motorcycle, gym, good food, good friends.

    that's my routine

    girls come last.

  • That happend to me and I regret it a lot


What Girls Said 3

  • Not for a long time.
    It's unhealthy when people bounce from one sh*tty romantic experience to another. I like to have a well balanced life with various activities so if one romantic connection doesn't work out, I'm going to refer back to the adventure that is life for bliss not another man. Or at least until my heart heals properly.

  • I won't break someone's heart just because mine was broken.

  • No, it's unfair for him. Also, it won't help you to feel any better. I have done this once and I regretted it.


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