My crush's cousin is on to me? What do I do?

Ok my crush drove me home one night and I asked him if this kid I was friends with was his cousin and he was like "yeah he hangs out with the computor nerds. he doesn't talk about you." And I was just like "hum ok I kinda like nerds" and my crush was like "yeah I'm one"(I knd of lone my crush likes me back cause he checks me out all the time when He thinks I'm not looking XD)
recenlty I thought his (younger and less attractive) cousin liked me as well but his cousin talks about him a lot when I'm around and says a lot of stuff to make my crush sound impressive? Think he knows I like him?


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  • I don't think so maybe he likes talking about his cousin

    • Probably but he never talked this much about his cousin before. I guess he must admire him in some way because when he comes over to talk to me he'll bring up his cousin's achievements and stuff

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