Excuses or real life business?

I've been seeing this guy for a few months now, about 6-7 months. He goes to engineering, so he is always busy! I hate it how he might go 2-3 days with texting back w or talking just because he is busy and doesn't have time to chat! I might have been okay with it but how does a person not have time to say im busy now can we talk later? Its not like im gonna say no! Its better than feeling ignored and him apologizing about it every time. Guys, do u use the im busy phrase just as an excuse or do u really get caught up with everything going on! He makes me feel stupid that im mad but come on i think i have the right to


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  • I hate this excuse. Absolutely hate it. No matter how "busy" you are, you can carve a minute out of your lunch break, when you wake up, before you go to bed, when you get home from work. Heck, even in the bathroom.

    I understand being busy for long drawn out chats but if he can't find a lousy couple of seconds to acknowledge you after that long a time dating, you may need to evaluate where you fit into his life.

    I get that some guys hate texting, but a simple "hi, how are you" isn't asking too much.

    • Thats exactly how i feel! My friends told me that if i dont know where i stand in his life then the best is to leave, true?

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    • of course their is some time but after a busy tight schedule of almost 18hrs you need that 6hrs to keep going and mostly its 4hrs to be honest... in that 4 hrs you just wanna go to sleep instead of doing that @becca123 ... and thanks for wishing... and please don't just say that all men cheat or something... not every man is lie that and on that cheating department or not being interested department i think men and women are equally at fault... like i said some of my friends got dumped cause they wanted to become better for their girls before becoming serious... so please don't get into a conclusion without knowing about someone's problem

    • Haha I actually don't think all guys cheat :).

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