How to let go, im sick of how he makes me feel?

Obviously i love my this guy so much! I dont know what is he, we used to date but we had so much problems so we decided to give it a break then we are friends but he is the only one on my mind while doing anything or hanging out with anyone. He put me through horrible stuff but im still there for him and i can't let go even though i know its the right thing to do! I think blocking him is a childish thing to do so i decide to ignore him when he talks but he never gives up its like he knows i will reply eventually! Im so sick what is going on what should i do? And when i talk to him about it he plays dumb which makes me so mad and confused.


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  • It's much harder and more painful holding on than letting go. The only way to get over someone you still care about is to cut all contact with them. Only then will they slowly fade into the back of your mind, instead of being your first thought.


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