Can I get him back?

Long story short, me and this guy had been 'going out' for some time, we got into a fight and we lost contact, after awhile he started showing a lot of interest again. But I ignored him (and a lot of my friends) because I had a lot of personal problems (mom passed away). So I ignored him for maybe 1-2 months, and he did the logical thing and moved on. He developed a crush on this new girl (they've only known each other for 2 weeks max.) And didn't pay any attention to me anymore.

I don't want to lose him, I want him.
He will still 'look' at me sometimes, even when he's with her.

I know he was obsessed with me, and I can't help but wonder if maybe there's still a chance for me to get him back? Or do you think he's going to go for this 'new girl'?


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  • everybody learns from their mistakes. you should too. dont act hard to get the next time.

    • I wasn't acting hard to get, just needed a lot of time for myself and didn't have much social contact in that period of time.

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    • You were harsh indeed
      Better to shut it than to hurt someone
      Learn from this mistake

    • @seselya: nobody asked for your opinion. keeping mum won't help her.

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  • Everything is possible darling
    You can get him back.. did u consider asking him out?

    Cuz i think the only way is to ask him out for coffee or anything and just tell him the part you had to take time alone away from social circles including all your friends and people u care about..
    Then slip this sentence in your own words " i hope my distance did not give you the wrong impression of not thinking of you " and that you missed him during that time..
    And wish him luck

    DO NOT talk about his new girl
    DO NOT imply that your interested in a relationship
    DO NOT ask him out again
    DO NOT contact him again

    and he will do the rest if he still cares because right now we dont know whether he's still interested or not and we dont want to drive him away.. we give him a little hope and rest lies between his capable hands

    i hope this end up well
    and sorry for ur loss my dear
    update me

    • @sehaj share your opinion about this

    • I think If they are not dating, Then Fly1988 should contact him herself by the same mode of communication he used in the past, only this time she can start to share what her problems were and be honest with him. She can hint him how she liked talking to her but was too cut off with the world around.

      I am pretty sure that if he liked her then, it won't take much to ignite it again.

      And seselya has already mentioned the cautions and also how to go about it! Its perfect.
      You should definitely let him know , you do not want to later look back and always wonder if you had imitated something. Believe me, u just have to do something to be at peace for now or later!
      Good luck.

    • talking to him*

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