Am I being a home wrecker?

Its pretty basic, I like this guy whom I have had a major crush on since I was like 12 and watched him play in my older cousins band. Well now that I am older lets just say recently he has noticed how nicely I have grown up.

We talk and flirt online, and in texts. And we have talked for like an hour every day for the past two weeks. The only problem is he has a girlfriend. And I am worried that if I move in on him, my cousin's fiance will hate me ((she is this guys girlfriends best friend}}. Or worse.

He doesn't live with her, but has dated her for a while. But he tells me he isn't happy, and doesn't like the way she treats him. And that he wants her to break up with him and he doesn't talk to her as much as me. And that he is moving without her in a month ((closer to where I live than her)). And she knows he is.

I just am confused and would like some advice. I don't want to be the other woman, but I don't want to feel like I am making him end it with her if I make a move.

Please help!


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  • Babe, you'd be causing yourself more headache if you did decide to move in on him. Wait till its well and truly over because although you wouldn't want to be the homewrecker, you will be in her eyes ( girlfriend ) and in your cousins' fiance's eyes...worst is if you become the rebound for him. In that I agree with Shygurl

  • If he has a girlfriend...i suggest that you not try to do anything with this guy, because in the end someone is going to get hurt...whether its you, him, the gf, or the friend...its not right and yea the flirting thing may be fun adn exciting...but in the end someone is going to get hurt..

    Just let him figure out what he wants from his current gf...let things unfold themselves...never try to do things yourself...let him let her go...without any influence from you...ya know?

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