Confused and unsure if I did the right thing?

Things with this guy started of really well but eventually just fell into a casual hookup thing. Looking back at it, it was probably fairly clear that's what he wanted, but I just didn't realize. I was pretty clear I wanted more, but liked him enough to kinda just go with the hookup thing. It's been about 3 weeks. He was out with friends on the weekend and got pretty wasted. He came round to mine and then we hooked up and he left straight away (which he's never done before). I only heard from him the day after for him to say his hangover was really bad. I got pretty mad as I felt kinda used, and so I text him basically telling him that it'd been fun but that there was more to me than just somewhere to stick his dick. I said that there were other girls who'd be up for just that but I wanted more, and that if he ever wanted to just hangout he could let me know.

I feel like sending that text was really unfair to him and really stupid. I don't like to call people out like that. I've not heard from him either. Should I fix this (if it can be fixed?) or should I just move on?


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  • Move on , the damage is done and done properly. Not likely that this message can be undone


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