Why interested in me?

So first this guy is so interested in me. He says so.
Well one, im so skinny but i have perfectly shaped body parts but i always intend to hide everything, i wear lots of flowy blouses and shirts. I dress in a stylish/great way i always get compliments on how i dress. On the other side he always says how he likes the round and shaped body. Overly shaped. He likes weird sluty pictures on instagram, which makes me feel weird about him. Uhmm i wear glasses a lot at uni but just for fun, he brags about how he hates girls with glasses which i hate about him! He doesn't like tall girls, im pretty tall. So what the deal with him, i dont get it!


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  • Dress the way you want to dress, the way you like to and the way it's more comfortable for you. Don't dress for someone else but you, unless you feel like it

    • I dont. I absolutely love who i am and what i dress. But im confused why someone who likes a very different type of girls would really like me.

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  • Maybe he just likes you

    • Maybe

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    • Well how do i describe anything else about myself? Anyways my point is im so different than the girls he likes

    • Like I said, maybe there's something else about you he likes. All we know is what you gave us about you and what he's given you

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