Should I dump my bf?

ok so me and my bf have been dating for only about 3 months now but i love him more than anything and i know he feels the same way. but the thing is, we live on two different sides of the country, and he's 7 years older than me. he says he wants to marry me when im older and he wants to have kids! :) we have broken up like 5 times and got back together but we still love echother. he makes me so mad sometimes but i love him so much and he kinda needs me... should i break it up or stay with him and hope things work out?
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  • Distance is a major factor in this. I don't know how old either of you are but from experience most long distance relationships tend to not work out. You love him quite a bit and if he feels as strongly for you as you do for him then waiting it may be the best choice.


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  • An underage girl dating a guy 7 years older than her? WHAT THE HELL...

    • And he wants to have kids xD

    • @subzero007 LOL... This is too much

      @Asker You're still a child, what you think is love is probably a crush or infatuation. Dump him. Cause
      1. He is way too older than you. Date someone of your age. Not old guys.
      2. He said "He loves you and want to marry you. And want you to be the mother of his kids? " He doesn't love you. He is lying, to get in your pants.

      I repeat, it's not love. It's just infatuation

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  • Are you an idiot? If the answer is No than break up with him. he's older than you and your under 18? he's playing you big time and He doesn't love you at all. Talk is so cheap and when a man says he loves you wants to marry you and have kids with you after only 3 months, RUN. Run as fast as you can away from them.

    If a man is saying those things that fast he's a liar and manipulating you. Remember that as a life lesson.

  • You should ask yourself why is he being with you? he can get girls with the same of his age but he chooses you and prefers you among many other girls around him.. stay with him , you sounds lovely couple cause arguments could not separate you from each other..

  • You're under 18 and he's 7 yr older? Get away from that guy. Ask him why he isn't interested in women his own age.

  • Lol love ahh so young and vulnerable

  • 5 times? that's 2 nuch... isn't it?


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