I have borderline personality disorder. Am I going to ruin this relationship? How do I stop myself?

I am currently in a relationship with a man. We have been together since September. We have been friends for almost 2 years. I have borderline personality disorder and I'm afraid I will ruin this. He is the greatest guy ever. However, I ruined a friendship to date this guy. I started dating him only 2 months after a serious relationship. Am I doomed to ruin it? To follow the patterns of someone with this disorder?
I would love some more opinions!
Anyone have borderline? How do you act?


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  • Just had a block a girl with BPD. She was driving me nuts. I sincerely hope you're in treatment for it, she was not. But not, having BPD does not necessarily mean you will ruin anything. It might make it more challenging though.

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    • What made you think you didn't want to be with her? I find I idealize guys and then I only like what they can do for me and then I push them away. I have cheated and treated people badly before to get what I want.

    • The thought process that she would do exactly what you just said. I figured out that type and avoid them like the plague, no offense. If you do things like that I doubt most guys will stay around you.

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  • I don't know what that really is but my dad is remarried to something with serious mental issues.

  • Therapy, good support at home and time


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  • I have BPD myself. No experience dating past that revelation though, but I have spent time managing my relationships with friends and family while coping with this disease. From what I've read here, it seems your biggest challenge is the idealisation-devaluation cycle. I find that being self-aware helps.

    Learn how to identify when you're doing either, and mediate between your emotions and reactions. Learn more about the complexities of society and the human mind; the grey areas that exist in life. Read more about the stories and life experiences of different people. All of that went into helping me see how complex people can be.

    More importantly, seek treatment, if you haven't done that yet. It will go a long way to helping you restore your emotional balance.

  • It's going to be challenging but its not doomed


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