What is his problem? Is he interested or not?

I've been on several dates with this guy and we usually text everyday. Recently we've mostly just been hooking up. I told him I wasn't cool with that, and he agreed. I told him that if he wanted to actually do something I'd be up for that, otherwise we should just call it quits. He text me almost a day later saying that he's tied up until later in the week. Is he messing me around? I tempted to just ignore his text and see if he bothers to text later in the week? I really like him but I'm not sure how to get him to stop jerking me around!


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  • with guys who just want sex, if you let them know that won't happen anymore they'l lose interest and find someone else. Since he's indicating he lost interest that means you took away what he wants. But i suggest you wait on a little bit more. See how much excuses he puts, if they got too many and not convincing at all then there you go. You got the hint.

    Good luck

    • Thank you! Would you suggest I text him back or waited to see if he text me later in the week?

    • you can do either way. Cause either way you'l get a hint whether he's still interested or not.

      However, i personally think the best thing to do is actually talk together about it honestly. the most important thing in a relationship is proper communication

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  • Maybe. Ask him.


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