On and off contact, then he invites me out?

For some reason my other post wouldn't show up.

So today the guy I'm seeing texts me to invite me to his friends party. I wasn't sure where I stood with him lately as communication with us has been poor and we haven't seen each other in over a month. Anyway I agreed to go to the party with him. He picked me up and we had a little laugh and joke on the journey as usual. He said it was only a small party and in the summer there should be better ones at his friends house for 'us' to look forward to.

I was nervous about meeting his friends at first, but after a while I settled in well. He introduced me to his best friends I'd seen in pictures and so on and we sat kinda close near the fire outside, then he left me for a bit to hang with his friends.

On the way home I kinda freaked out again, I gave him a hug and although I really wanted to kiss him it just didn't happen. He seems pretty OK with this when I mentioned it to him afterwards (I really need to work on my nerves).

The fact he invited me to meet his friends is a good sign right? Surely if he was trying to let go of me he wouldn't have invited me to this party?


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  • Sounds like he only wants you around when it's convenient for him, you need to stop and find someone who legitimately does want to be around you. Introducing you to his friends means little to nothing, my father was a 'player' and I can remember many a woman meeting my grandparents (parents being significantly more of status than friends)... Before being kicked to the curb and 'replaced' by someone new.


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