I find this very disrespectful?

So my 28 year old bf of 4 years has this old female friend that he was friends with for 6 years before he dated me. Well she insisted that they hangout alone even after we started to get serious. She always asked him to take her places since she has no license and doesn't work and would always make him pay for things at restaurants and wawa. At first I tried to be understanding of their friendship but after she continued doing a bunch of things I listed I asked him to tone it down with her because she was acting like a gf and not respecting our relationship. He agreed that as his gf my feelings should come before another women's. But she would continue blowing up his phone. Well fast forward a little over 3 years she continues to bug him. She recently posted this meme on fb and it said post your favorite memory of me and he responded by saying listening to Taylor swift together with a pic of Taylor swift. They have recently started texting again here and there. I think it is disrespectful to me that he continues to talk to this girl against my wishes when she has disrespected me and its been 3 years dude get over it. He responded with a flirt message on FB. Why does he continue to talk to this other women when she has crossed many boundaries shouldn't his gf of 4 years come first before another women that isn't even a big deal. If he really cared about me it wouldn't be a question. Should I tell him I'm going to break up with him if he continues to disrespect me by talking to this other girl or what?


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  • If he was frie ds first then u need to get over it. If they have fucked before id be on your side.

    • If they were innocent friends then that is one thing. It doesn't matter how long they have been friends she was asking too much for a taken man to pay her way and drive her everywhere. Not to mention a guy who is in a four year relationship commenting that he misses singing along with another women. Once a guy gets I'm a relationship the female friend needs to learn her place and that isn't acting like a gf to a taken man

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    • To answer your question my boyfriend is respecting her wishes over mine that is how she is coming first. In a serious relationship especially one that is headed towards marriage the spouse boyfriend girlfriend whatever word you want to use has to come first otherwise what makes them that one and only that you want to commit to spending the rest of your life with if every other womens wishea are going to come first and treated like a gf? Yes there has to be trust in a relationship but trust has to be earned too. Its a 2 way street. Yes i believe there is a such thing as a platonic friendship of the opposite sex when someone is in a relationship but a normal friendship of the opposite sex includes the partner in their friendship to make them feel comfortable and it doesn't involve acting as their personal taxi and personal bank account. Yes a ride here and there one in a great while like if there car breaks down and they need a life sure fine thats normal friend behavior but weekly or daily no too much to expe

    • To expect from another girls man

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  • Yeah. I would break up with him and leave. But if they really are just friends then you need to get over it. But if he's flirting with her or there's any signs of him cheating then leave. Just friendship is not bad. If you suspect anything then...

    • He has 3 other female friends that i have absolutely no problem with because they aren't overly attached to him and they don't expect him to treat them like their boyfriend. This chic always expects ridea for free from him like they are dating or aomething. No bitch back off thats my man get your own. She also asked a few times to hangout with him but don't bring your girlfriend which was obviously shady right there. The difference with his other female friends and my guy friends is that they respect our relationship and they know that our relationship comes first and they don't request alone time with someone elses man or women we hangout in groups or as a couple.

    • So it seems like everything's cool with everyone except that one girl. Something needs to happen that means she has no contact with either of you and he doesn't talk to her either

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  • I think you're entirely in your right to feel the way you do. That's a ridiculous situation.

    • Thank you! I think so too

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