Ok yeah I think I should give up on this girl?

Okay, I don't think my crush likes me at all. I've asked her if she wants to go to lunch with me, she always says she can't and then she says to ask later. So I ask a few days later, and the same thing happens. And she takes hours to reply too.

So yeah, I don't know why she all of a sudden doesn't wanna do anything. I've known her since last June, and I would say we are friends. Or maybe WERE friends. We hung out twice in the past month, but the second time was Sunday before this last one. And I've probably asked her to different things like 4 times since then lol.

Today I asked if she wanted to go to lunch tomorrow, and she simply said "I can't I have a thing". I think its kinda clear she doesn't wanna do anything ever again.

Sigh... fuck my life.

What do you guys think?


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  • You can just move on, until she text you, play it cool is what you need


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  • Hey man sorry.
    It sounds like you've been having entirely too much trouble even getting some alone time with her, it might be time to move on.
    Besides, if you're a senior or even a junior it might suck even MORE to get together with her and then go separate ways.
    What you're going through is the same reason I just deleted my crush's contact info, I can't get a good conversation going with her AND we're about to move apart.
    I don't want to put in the effort or deal with the heartache, do you?

    • Well I'll still see her at work. So I'm gonna take a break from her unless she tries to take action herself. But I'll still talk to her at work.

    • Of course, no reason to stop being a person to her :)
      Sorry again bro

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  • I think you know the answer to your own question. If a girl ever told me that "I can't I have a thing", then I would give her the biggest middle finger to her (mentally mind you) and the friendship is done.

    • She's extremely hard to read over text though. Like, she's always nice and normal in person and on the phone but over text I just have no idea.

    • Have you considered that she doesn't like texting and wants to talk on the phone instead? Try calling her, it's usually easy to tell if she's making things up by the tone of her voice.

    • I could try but she actually is busy a lot so she usually doesn't answer, and then she texts me back.
      Ya know, I'm 95% sure she has as much experience as I do with relationships.

  • Play judas priest and metallica to her.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • its just a female.

    • She's a friend though and I like her. I crush on females for months at a time. This entire past year I've only crushed on two girls.

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    • -I don't become THAT close. Like, they're situational friends. I only see my crush at work (but I've hung out with her outside that twice) and my other female friends I only see in the classes I have with them.

      -I talk to whatever girls I want to, but I only feel like dating the ones who I've known for a while

      -she doesn't make it seem like she thinks of me like a brother or anything. In person, she seems pretty interested...

    • Sometimes you must get burned to learn. (its an expression).

      Being friends to then date rarely does work. Just keep doing you.

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