Help me compile a list of best date ideas?

So... I've been single for almost forever it seems, but when I'm finally NOT single, I want to have awesome date ideas. So far I have:

1. hiking
2. picnic
3. movie
4. kite flying
5. walking
6. apple/fruit picking
7. museum
8. cooking fancy dinner/dessert
9. going out for dinner
10. Scrabble/Board games
11. Video games
12. Volunteering
13. pillow fort + movie in
14. flea market/yard sale/farmers market
15. amusement park
16. drinking
17. touring a brewery
18. a wine tasting
19. concert
20. take a class together
21. bowling
22. go watch drag racing
21. drive in movie
22. see a comedy show
23. learn to garden
24. learn to brew beer
25. sex somewhere we shouldn't be having sex
26. puzzles
27. camping (campground/state park)
28. sledding
29. watching highschool football/ local baseball
30. training at the shooting range
31. local fair/festival
32. mini golf
33. pool
34. camping (in the backyard)

Help me come up with more?
What are your awesome date ideas?
Bonus points if guys will supposedly really like it.
Also more bonus points if its cheap
Even more bonus points if my lack of athletecism won't ruin the date/activity

Also let me know if any of these are extremely lame and/or not guy friendly.

(I'm seriously afraid that I'm the most boring person on the planet, so the more ideas, the better. Even if they're weird)


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  • 22 is awesome I went to one and the comedian looked at my gf and I and made this hilarious joke but we broke up like a month after because she was moving out of state :(


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  • Kite flying? Would that really last long enough to be a date?

    • perhaps in conjunction with a picnic then?

  • I'd definitely say mini golf is a good one then after your done you could go out for ice cream

  • Nice list! Perhaps a day trip to the beach, lake or mountains.

    • the beach is a good one, but it'd be pretty pricey with how far away I live

    • How about something called a "Star Party" or go to an Observatory? There should be one in your area.

    • ooo good one

  • Cleaning the latrines


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