My ex broke no contact to say she's sorry, but she doesn't want me back?

My ex gf that left me for her old boyfriend sent me a message and it said "You were right about everything, im sorry i hurt you, you deserve an apology." Then i said your a cheater and go die bitch, and she said "I dont want to get back with you, im just saying sorry, so dont think thats what i mean."

Wtf she doin? i told her thanks for saying sorry for the 30th time. and blocked her. Did she really unblock my stuff just to say that?

Now im all fucked up again


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  • She sorry she hurt you.


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  • Sorry that another female had to hurt another brother.

    Be strong, and keep moving. Just play your cards right when it comes to these females. They're all dangerous.

  • she's sorry because she cheated and whats them

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