I have a idea for a dating website. Here are some of the details. Like?

I been researching dating sites and a lot of men said that the sites sucked. When they explained some of the problems they ran into while using those sites, a light went off in my head. Here are some of the things I would come up with on my site I can't give them all out just in case someone tries to steal my idea.

1. Everyone would have to pay a fee just to make a profile. Why? because it would help the site from being overran with fake profiles, spammers , scammers, and people playing games, etc.

2. A preference checklist will have to be filled out. For instance, if you only date your race or a specific race people, then only people of that race will pop up in your searches. If you only like blondes, then only blondes will turn up in your searches. Height, weight, income etc will also be on the checklist.

.3. You will only be notified if the person who viewed your profile is interested. If you view a profile but aren't interested, then that person won't be notified and their profile will be blocked from you viewing it ever again

4. If you are reported for playing games, your profile will be suspended for 3 weeks the first time, 6 months for the 2nd time , the 3rd time you will be banned forever. You will also be charged a waste of time fee of $10 that doubles everytime you play games and this will be in the terms and conditions aand you can't use the site UNLESS you agree to those terms.

Well that's all can't tell you everything. Thoughts?


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  • Personally, I would not join. I won't put money into something that may not be worth my time. As far as #2, I don't have specific preferences. I like blondes and brunettes and I could care less what color eyes he has. I prefer to get to know the person before deciding if I am interested or not.

    #3 sounds similar to Tinder. As far as #4, you can't just take people's money like that. You automatically assume they are guilty instead of some person being pissed because they didn't get their man/woman and deciding to retaliate. There are too many ways that #4 can go wrong. Maybe if someone is continuously reported, you can suspend them and eventually ban them. You can't do that on the first or second offence. Maybe after three or five. Whatever.

    • You say you don't have specific preferences but said you like blondes and brunettes and #4 will work like this... If you view a profile and they/you aren't interested, then you or them won't be penalized but if you view a profile or another person views your profile and you play like you're interested when you know you weren't , then you get penalized. No one would get penalized for not being interested BUT for PLAYING like they were.

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    • Yes you can charge them if they accept the terms and conditions of the website. No one's making them do anything, my site would be for people that KNOW WHAT they WANT NOT for people who don't know, kinda, know etc.

    • Ah well. It doesn't really matter what I say. I was just trying to help. I even asked a few others what they thought and they also said they would not join for one reason or another based on your terms. I wish you luck!

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  • #2 is already implemented.

    #1 is actually not a bad idea but you may lose a lot of traffic until you build a reputable well known site.

    #3 i guess that makes things easier

    #4 may be enough to make people say no just because of how ridiculous it sounds, i understand its meant for the seriousness of the site.


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  • Sounds awesome you should put social security as well to make sure they are real.

  • Thanks. I'm now going to patent this and become filthy rich.


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