I'm not happy with the guy in dating but I dont want to just give up on three years of my life?

The guy in with has a tendency to blame me for everything that goes wrong. he quit his job and tells me its my fault he lost it. Everytime I'm upset about ANYTHING its stupid and immature or I'm a stupid bitch. We were living together and he refused to get a job meanwhile I was out everyday trying to get a second job and once we fell behind in bills he moved out and back in with his mom so he didn't have to worry about bills. He let me face a family members funeral alone because he wanted to play his video games. I had to put our dog down and he didn't go with me to the vet. Every time we break up he pulls this your the girl I wanted to marry guess I'm gonna be single for the rest of my life or you never loved me. And I cave because I hate hurting him even though he gets a kick out of doing it to me...


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  • Umm you are only 18... can you tell me 5 things you actually like about your bf?

    • I used to be able to off the top of my head but not really anymore I've been dating him since I was 15 I lost my virginity to him. He used to treat me like I was a princess.
      He made me forget my insecurities
      He was there for me when my family pulled there shit
      He was romantic
      And knew how to make me smile

      But doesn't do any of that anymore

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    • How though I've tried

    • Well it took me awhile, but when I realized there was no future I knew I had to take action. So what I did was in phases... First, I limited communication (mental connection) then I took away touch (physical connection) After a few weeks I didn't want to touch him/kiss him, etc anymore even though our sexual/physical chemistry was strong. And when all that was gone my emotional connection was severed and now I'm FRREE ")

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