Girls, how do you feel dating with a guy from INDIA?

How do you girls feel about indian guyss.. is that okay to you.. and any one from india.


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  • Wow, you should really tone it down a bit and show some respect.

    Unfortunately, on the internet at least (I don't have much interaction with Indian guys in the real world since there aren't many), Indian guys tend to come across as perverted and creepy. You are no exception. You ask a 15-year-old who she wants to have sex with, when she lost her virginity, etc. and you ask another girl if she's a virgin. I'm pretty sure you would have asked the third girl who replied so far as well but she hasn't responded to your first question yet.

    Seriously, cut it out. I will tell you a secret: girls want to date decent guys who show respect, and not perverts who ask sexual questions on the internet and cross all the possible lines there are.

    Hope this helps.

    • Hey thanks for sharing your secrets...

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