Girls, getting asked out on Facebook?

So, on Saturday I met this beatiful lady, my friend's sister's best friend. Towards the end of the night (very late, like 2:30am) I started to chat to her about what she does for a living and her background and it was going really well, I noticed she was runnign her hands through her hair and over her hear, smiling a lot, eye contact, orienting her body towards me etc. as if she was interested in me; problem is, about twenty minutes into our conversation she had to run to the washroom, then abruptly left the party to study for a final exam in the morning.
So I didn't get her number, ugh, didn't ask to see her again, ughh, and didn't make any physical advances.

She seemed really interested though, so I created a Facebook account, have sent her a friend request, and am planning on either asking her number, or just straight up asking her out via FB.

Obviously it would have been preferable to do it in person, but we were both pretty innebriated and it was late, just couldn't muster the courage at that point. (Liquid courage my arse xD)

Is this a good idea? Bad? I don't even use FB, I created one simply to ask her out as I have no other form of contact.


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  • If that's the only way than do it. Don't worry so much. It's better to try and find out than to always wonder.


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  • My FB is purely to showcase artwork and writing.
    The end!!!

    • Screw it, I just deleted my account then. I guess I'll just take this as a hard lesson to be more confident next time.. I haven't exactly had the most social interaction in settings like the one I describe. I was happy with myself for actually getting as far as I did though since typically I wouldn't have even tried in the past. Thanks.

  • Bad idea!!

    • Seems to be the verdict.

    • Question: Would I be in the clear if I asked my friend's sister to be my wingwomen per se and help me out? haha sorry I'm very bad at this dating game in case you haven't noticed.

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