Do you guys think I did the right thing?

We dated twice, after that I send him a normal message, like how are u, I miss u, have a nice weekend.. He hadn't replied, I really worried about him for almost 3 days, I have a friend, we kept in touch in the past months, but suddenly I lose contact with him, and then I got the news he was dead, I shocked, I really afraid of this guy leaving me that way.. Until I found him updated sth a few days later.. I felt frustrated about it. maybe he lose interest or has someone else better for him, at least, he should let me know, then I can give up on him and find other people.. I unmatched him on the app on purpose, I m kinda angry about his behavior..

But deep inside my heart, I still thinking about him, I m like a silly person sitting for whole day missing him, keeping checking the message and his fb.. I hate myself doing this.. Although I wanna let him text me first, but I just keep wondering what was the reason he stops contacting me, so I take the move.. I don't know if I m right or not, but this time he really replies very fast, like one minute..

Do you guys think I did the right thing?

Do you guys think I did the right thing?


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  • I wish a girl would care for me as much as you do about him. So I just hide my feelings and no one will ever disappoint me as they won't have the chance to. I'm not telling you to do the same but maybe you should talk to him or move on.

    • THANKS HIGHLANDERTHEONE! You remind me of him, he has a Lander inside his name, LOL. One hand, I care about him; on the other hand, I have confidence in myself, so the first thing came into my mind when I got no message back was he might be dead.. ridiculous huh. . I seldom text him, bombard at someone I like isn't my style, so everytime he texted back quickly. But this time, I m really angry about him, I would delete him from the list rather than swallow my pride. Since it's an open date, I m also dating other guys, he is not the best, I just have feelings for him, but still I got many options.
      If he wanna play the stupid game, I m in, the way I m in is I quit.

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