Guys, Too many L bombs. Not enough love? What do I do?

I met this guy about six months ago. We started seeing each other but he traveled a lot and lives far away so most communication is via text. Three months in he texted "I'm in love😳" I said "oh yeah?" And he said "yeah. Is that awkward?" And that was it. Two months later while texting again he said "holy shit I think I love you." A few weeks ago, while having sex, he said "I love you", "I fucking love you", and something about impregnating me several time. The next day I said, over text, "I'm pretty much head
over heels for you." Things feel a little weird all of a sudden. I don't know if I'm just being a paranoid nut and he's just busy at work or if he didn't mean any of it and my comment about being head over heels changed something. What the hell is he thinking? I'd rather not ask for obvious reasons.
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  • The long distance/travels a lot thing bothers me because it is a convenient cover story if he is married/living with someone. etc. Sometimes, even in your age range, guys drop the L word as a means of convincing a woman to give up what the guy wants.

    "Holy shit I think I love you," and "I fucking love you," are as unromantic as a guy can be when using the L word, so I'm not very impressed with his feelings. If he is involved with someone else, when you said you are head-over-heels in love with him, it raised the possibility of your involvement escalating and that makes it much more difficult for him to continue he charade, so his only option to save the other relationship is to back off from you.

    This may or may not be what is going on because, as others have pointed out, you are working on some assumptions. You don't want to engage him in any direct questioning, so the next alternative is to tell him that you want to visit him at his home. I'm assuming that you have never been there. Do you know his home address? If he won't allow that to happen, that's a good clue that he has another life to hide. At that point, there is not much to lose by asking him some rather pointed questions.

  • You're making a lot assumptions right here
    And assumptions are false most of the time
    So what's the better way to make sure?
    Is by talking to him
    Or am i wrong?


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