How do I let him know I'm keen, without seeming desperate?

I've been seeing him for several weeks but we met last year.
Neither of us want a serious relationship so we've hung out a bunch of times and hooked up every time. We haven't done anything sexual yet because I didn't want to too soon (just came out of a serious relationship).
We had a small disagreement over the weekend.
I don't know if I have strong feelings for him or if its just attraction, but I can't stop thinking about him- like all I want to do is have sex with him lol.
So I messaged him last night and asked if he wanted to hang out but he was busy (helping family with something).
I don't even want to talk or go out, I just want to have fun and that's it, and I know he really wants to but I don't want to seem desperate and turn him off.
Should I wait for him to contact me? Wait a day or two?
Is messaging first 2 days in a row weird?


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  • ask him out, the worst he can do is say no, its 2015 its not desperate, its normal. screw the waiting if you want to contact him do it, its not desperate if your both in love

    • Even if I messaged him yesterday?
      And it's not love, I think it's mutually just physical
      But I usually only sleep with boyfriends, it's different with him for some reason

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    • So I messaged him and he's staying at his cousins place (it's a 2 hour drive- he lives down the road from me normally) and had a big day at work so said he was sleeping straight away
      Sigh, I guess he's either too busy this week or just not interested :(

    • sounds like busy, just talk to him through messages.

What Girls Said 1

  • Simply tell him how you feel.


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