Is she interested in me now?

I work in a big building in a company and there was a girl at the company that I was interested in and was kind of interested in me in the begining. But she found another guy from the building and she liked him for a while. But she seemed to have broken off with him for a while now.

Since then she may have become interested again. She asked me if I was going to at a company organized event, but it was a group event. She starts conversations with me when she sees me now and before she wouldn't. She seems to laugh at me when I do something stupid. But this may be very well be just getting closer as friends.

So what should I do? I do not think she is that interested yet to go out with me but I can raise her interest now.


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  • Well... yiou are right. WIth girls, you can never take their signs for granted because their behavior is often contradictory to their thoughts.

    Just try flirting a bit with her, in subtle ways and see how she responds. Also, look out of small signs of affection from here. Hopefully things would work out!

    • Screw her, I already have a girl after me, or 2. I will try to get together with the other girls. If it works I will make her jealous. So if I would break from the other girls this one will be more interested in me once she sees that I am good guy.

      I will joke around with her like a normal guy but always keep a certain distance from her when she tries to get close just for fun and to see her frustrated, I do not care that much at this point and it's fun like this.

    • Alright then. You never mentioned about the other girls before. In that case, choosing one of those girls is a much better option than 'chasing' this girl.

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  • Ask her that.


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