Should I forget about him or will he approach me?

This nice guy is a kind of new neighbor. The first time I saw him he came and helped me with the bag, and we talked for a bit then I had to go to the airport.

When I came back it was long before I see him (I actually didn't think of him at all). Later I got to see him in the parking a few times, but it's a wrong time like I am or he is going to work...

He always smiles and looks for some time. I started to like him. I feel he likes me but he hasn't approached me to say something special lol. I feel he is a nice guy, but if it stays like this I think I should just forget about it.

What do you think?


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  • He may be a shy guy and he doesn't know whether you are living with a guy or have a steady boyfriend. Take the initiative. Next time you see him, hand him a card with your phone number and say, "The next time you see me, it doesn't need to happen by chance." That will tell him all that he needs to know.

    • Yeah you're right. He might think so.

      The funny thing is that I don't know if he has a gf either.

      But I guess I have to take the plunge lol


Most Helpful Girl

  • If you get the chance maybe say hi and try to talk but don't get obsessed over him. I've had to learn the hard way that guys will flirt even if taken. So here I am developing a crush and wondering why he is t taking things further...


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