Should I fight for him?

The guy I was about to date is really depressed. I like him a lot and I want to date him. We've kissed before and I know that I want to be with him and he says he really wants to be with me. But then yesterday I was upset because he hasn't asked me out yet so we got into a argument that wasn't really an argument. He doesn't want to risk losing me if we break up because that's happened to him in the past if he's close with someone. He wants to be able to be really close to me without the risk of losing me so basically staying friends. So should I fight for him? If so how should I go about that? I really like him please help


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  • His depression is interfering with his ability to become involved with you now, and that problem will continue if you have a relationship with him. You cannot fix his depression and fighting for him will probably push him away from you.

    • So what should I do?

    • If you come at him directly, you will push him away. Just be his friend and let him know that you will look for another love interest. The only chance you have is that he will get jealous and that will energize him enough to let you know his desires. If that doesn't happen, be prepared to just be this guy's friend and pursue romance elsewhere. It's not cheery advice but it is my best take on the situation you've described.

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