Will you next a girl if she doesn't put out?

And if so how long do you wait?
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  • Keep her around (friendzone)
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  • Most of males would next the girl, because they just cannot keep it in their pants.
    But there are some lovely gentlemen who would wait for their damsel. ( Usually due to low sex drive and such)

    • I don't think it's so much a lack of control, more so they want a return on investment, if that makes sense.

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    • It's not entitlement. She wants to stay with me (metaphorically) we will do certain things together. If she does not then I next her and pursue other women, and she gets to pursue other men who have similar relationship goals as her. I don't feel I'm owed but if she won't put out thier are other girls who will. I'd rather not waste my time and hers

    • Oh. Then that's completely understandable.

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What Girls Said 2

  • LMAO. I want to see the answers so I can laugh...

    Yup. Bahahahaha. I would assume many guys who are young would keep moving on because they don't want to settle down yet. Or ever.

  • Yikes. Humans have feelings. This includes women. What does it say about you that you can't respect someone's feelings if they don't 100% match up with yours?

    • This is going to sound kinda harsh but bare with me. I have a rule called the 3f rule. If your not family, friends, or fucking me, your feelings are irrevelant. Second, it takes two people to be in a relationship, if she won't satisfy certain standards and wants to be with me, that's only one person trying to be in that relationship, and I have the right to decide who I do and don't date (aka NEXTING her). This is actually not as bad as it sounds. Me and the women have different goals, and NEXTING her prevents my time and hers, from being wasted on someone who doesn't share thier relationship goals.

    • Again, yikes. I agree about the wasted time, but how much of an investment are you talking? Does she have to put out immediately or is there a certain number of dates you're willing to go on?

    • Probably within the first month of dating each other. Longer then that and I next her because i feel there isn't enough genuine desire.

What Guys Said 2

  • I have never been in a relationship or dated a person for sex. I never will.

  • Eventually, yes. For sex is a part of a relationship and if, after some time, it's clear that we're not sexually compatible (low sex drive on her part) then it's best for both of us to end it and look for people who are compatible.

    • I wouldn't cut contact with her though, we could perhaps be friends if we got on otherwise (except for the sexual incompatibility), I just likely wouldn't have as much time for her as I'd be pursuing other girls (some of whom would hopefully be interested in sex).

    • *For me

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