What should I do (Please read my story and ask any questions if you have some)?

I'm in this serious relationship for 2 years now and we haven't moved in or anything but I believe that she also wants more. I had to move to another country because of work and she was fine with it (I asked her and waited for her honest opinion). Now I have a very busy schedule and a lot of responsabilities at work and sometimes I even arrive home past midnight. Even so, I make sure to call her, email her and even send pictures of where I'm staying and what I'm doing. I tell her about my days, my problems and how tired I am when I'm at home. Even late at night when I'm very tired I call her on Skype just to make sure she knows I didn't forget her. It's not everyday and if I had to say, its like 2 or 3 days in a week that I can spend like 1 hour with her on the phone.

Here's the problem:
She called yesterday and said we need to have a serious talk. I shivered a little bit because I knew something was not right. Then she begins to talk about how little time I give her and that she's feeling cast aside in the relationship and that she's hurting that I don't speak to her a little bit more and now her feelings for me were changing a little bit. This made me very sad because I'm that sensitive and because I'm hopelessly in love with this girl. But I just can't figure it out how to spend more time on her since I have no time left for her in my days.

Is it my fault? Should we break up? What is happening here?


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  • Well, it's actually not your fault. There are things which you really can't control. And it's not the girl's fault also. She just wanted your time bc she misses you. Just give it a little time, think it through. You said you really love her so if there's a will, there's a way. You still can fix it. And not through break up.

    • So I should just suck it up and still find ways to give hermore time?

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    • Been there, done that and still the same.
      Keeps insisting I'm hurting her this way. Well, now I'm giving her all my lunch times..

    • well great, if you love someone, you have to sacrifice

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  • i think, she starts to like someone else. though i m nt sure, possibility is high. may b your absence makes her to fallen for someone else. or she doesn't see any hope in this rltnshp and thats why may b she wnts to move on :/

    • I don't think she has someone else.. she's not that kind of girl.

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