I'm still hurt, how can I get over this?

I don't want to spend anymore time thinking about it, but he's still on my mind. I rejected him sex because im still a virgin, 4 times, he went to another girl and one day he texted me ''do you how much time im wasting on you? (because i wouldn't have sex with him) and he texted me ''dont assume your already in and estimate your place in the piramid'' and i told him on purpose that i was going to chill with another guy, and he responded sarcastically and dumped me afterwards, claiming ''nothing wast brought to life'' and called me ''buddy''. Im still hurt cause he said he would be a friend to me and i thought he was a respectable guy... i mean he totally cursed at me for rejecting him sex, ofcourse i didn't wanted to sleep with him anymore, he called me nothing much worth in his eyes, i told him leave me alone then. I feel hurt cause he was the first guy i ever got intitmate with, well kinda intitmate, and i feel attached even tho i dont like him. What should i do?


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  • Why would you be into such a piece of shit?
    I truly don't understand some people...


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  • You're attached because you're rejected that's humans nature
    And what a sad ass!
    He's a total wankface:-D
    You shouldn't tell him you'll chill. out with another guy
    But anyway meet someone new my friend.. this will make you forget about him

    • why? i did it on purpose, he was rubbing in my face he found a new chick

    • Because he's immature and don't know what he's doing
      He's insecure that's why he had done it
      You're not insecure right?

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