I'm. never acknowledged on my birthday?

Would you guys be hurt that non one in your boyfriends family acknowledged your birthday when you are close with them and have been with him for 4 years and you know they know when your birthday is? Every year I text his mom on her birthday and I go in on a gift for her on her birthday with my bf but she never acknowledges my bday. Do you consider that rude?


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  • I wish I was not acknowledged on my birthday... So if people forget it, I secretly thank them for it!
    Anyway, for normal people I'd imagine that it is indeed rude since you acknowledged his mom's birthday and you bought her a gift.
    She should have the common courtesy to reciprocate your act.

  • Yeah , I would consider it ; I want to tell you to forget about it but personally I wouldn't buy her a present I would just tell her I ' forgot '


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