Is this guy a player or just a normal guy looking around?

Guys, I´m really new to the dating scene, so I definitely need your help. One guy recently added me on LinkedIn. Later he endorsed me, so I asked him if we have done business together. He responded that he doesn´t remember, but endorsed me, so I will remind him if we know each other (interesting stragegy :))

We are chatting now for few days and he seems to be interesting. We even have friends in common and they told me he is a good guy. But I also know that he added my co-worker who also looks good, but didn´t endorse her. I asked her if she knows him, she said no..

I don´t see anything wrong if you are contacting girls you like on social media, but on the other hand this can be a player..

What are your thoughts? Should I give him a benefit of doubt or just run?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think you should trust your friends opinion of him... without your friends opinion I would say he is a player from your description.

    • but on the other hand these are guy friends, so they may know him differently.. i haven´t met him yet, but i really enjoy conversation with him.. he seems to be experienced with girls - he knows how to lead a conversaton, that he has to ask question, but this is not necessarily a bad thing

What Girls Said 1

  • He sounds like a player to me.


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