Don't hey fall to the wayside?

Do you think once a guy gets into a serious relationship with a girl that his female friends should slowly back off I'm regards to certain ways they may interact with him? For example maybe not hanging out alone with him? In other words whose feelings and comfort comes first. I believe the gf should always come first because she is the one he will be starting his future with. I find once two adults get serious that opposite sex friends usually become friends of the couple or fall to the way side because they find that their partner becomes their nest friend of the opposite sex.


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  • No. If they were friends before you 2 were an item then they didn't have sexual interest in one-another. It was platonic. So why ditch them?

    • I agree with this as long as its purely platonic. Once my guys female friend shows signs that she likes him as more then a friend than I am going to ask him to cut back on their time together because that it disrespectful to me and our relationship and our relationship comes first

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    • I mean do you think it is unreasonable to ask my bf to not talk to a girl who is obvs into him. I just found it a weird question to ask because usually the signs if s girl likes a guy is obvious. It almost seemed. like you were asking me so you could say no that's not a sign you're just paranoid but maybe I'm reading your question wrong. Anyways do you agree with my response that those are signs a girl likes her guy friend as more than a friend

    • Yes I do agree. If I were in your position I would be uncomfortable too.

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  • I don't feel that should be completely true. I understand what your saying though. in my case the last 2 boyfriends I had I encouraged them to still hang out with his friends. I guess I just feel that starting a relationship you shouldn't have to change who you are or what you were doing. I know I wouldn't anyways.

    • This girl was friends with my bf for 6 years before we dated. She used to hangout in his room alone with him. Once we started getting serious I told him I don't mind them hanging out but I feel like it isn't another women's place to be alone with him in his room other then his gf. There are so many other things they can be doing that doesn't involve being in my mans bedroom.

    • I think there are a few things that should change once you get into a relationship not because you re trying to be controlling but because it is just out of respect for the relationship

    • Everybody is different.. and I get what you mean. if I was friends with your bf than I would respect that. you are in no way wrong about it.:)

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  • if the relationship is strong then the friendship should be able to continue pretty much as it was. Problems start to arise when partners get jealous.

    I should be able to have female friends, and my partner should be able to have male friends. if there are no secrets and the trust is there, then there should be no problem

  • his female friends can stay as long there's no any sexual connecton between them!


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