Do white guy's usually only like white girls?

I guess it's kinda obvious what the answer is but it's weird. Why are white less likely to date women out of their race. I think this guy likes me in my class but his friends were teasing him making racial remarks about him being attracted to me.. He never said anything to me but why are white guys like this?


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  • I'm not a white guy, but this is what I think and what I heard:
    - some white guys are attracted to non-white girls, but they're afraid of what their family and/or their friends will think, so they don't date girls who aren't white
    -others are simply not attracted to non-white girls
    -in some cases, they're "afraid" of approaching non-white girls because they think they're only interested in guys of the same race.

    But, obviously, white guys usually date and marry white girls.

    • Thanks for not being childish and giving me a real answer

    • You're welcome. Your question makes sense.

    • By the way, thanks for the MHO.

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  • I'm going to break this down slowly, clearly, and carefully.

    No. White guys do not usually only like white girls.

    A lot of white guys find girls outside of their race exotic and attractive in their own ways. However, just like you might question whether a white guy likes you, white guys probably question whether you like them.

    In general, for all races, unless you're someone who's good about mingling outside your race in the first place, you're obviously the most likely to date and marry within your own race. This really has little to do with attraction, and much more to do with a person's positioning in life.

    If you're an attractive girl, chances are that this guys and his friends can all tell you're attractive. If this guy likes you, his friends may be teasing him about it because dating outside of their race is something they're not very familiar with, and when guy's find a situation unfamiliar, they often try to cover up their stupidity with comedy. Essentially, if they see an event occurring which they don't see very often, they'll make a joke and act like it's funny, when if fact there is nothing comical about it other than how terribly unexposed their mindsets are.

    Most likely, his friends are probably envious that they don't have the guts to let it show when they like someone of another race, and joking makes them feel better about themselves.

  • Is there any race which doesn't do this? Why single out whites?

    To answer your question, as a white guy I've actually always been more attracted to non-whites. Just never really had the courage to speak up - not from fear of judgment by other whites, I'm simply shy.

    • I was just wondering sorry

    • Nothing to be sorry about. This is just part of the human condition, it isn't specific to any race.

  • Unfortunately there are racist people who think people should date within their race because their race is better than another or some other silliness. Those people are best ignored at all costs, like your friends who talk politics.

  • to some extent i think it depends on the environment they grew up in - but that that effect is not limited to white people, it's just that since white people are a majority, they are more likely to grow up in an "all-white" environment.

  • I think white guys are the most likely to date outside of their race. Eastern cultures and South America usually date within their own society and race. Europe and the U. S. don't care either way, especially whites.

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  • i've messed around with a couple black guys but the best lovers are white... I've been with 17 guys and 15 of them were white and i have been told by all that i'm the best thing they ever had... sooo white girls can get to steppin us choco girls are taking over :) #BlackGirlsRule

    • LOL. Okay. I did not down-rate you but I have to ask if y

    • ou're being serious. If so, I think the number of down-rates you got pertained to the number of guys you've been with and/or your last sentence.

      For some reason, I can't imagine you being a real person. If you are, then no judgment. I hope you're safe. :D

    • I feel sorry for you Daddy's girl. Too young and should be more focused on school than on sex.

  • Depends on the guy. Well think of it this way. Honestly I would think white guys would date more out of their race. You know it's like dating someone from another country. It's different, new, and that makes it a little more exciting.

  • I hate questions like these. People date people they are attracted to regardless of race.

  • No I've dated a lot of white guys
    So I'll say that white guys. guys of
    All races will date a girl they like
    Race doesn't matter in the long run of things

  • For me I'm not attracted to many African Americans men sorry boys because that's what they are they are very immature that they don't know how to put their pants up dress all together. I've meet 2 older men and they are great knew what they wanted in life and not hop girl to girl.

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