How much contact did you have before you got together with your partner?

Question see above. And also: What would be the optimum in your opinion? How often should you see each other? Do you think things can work out if you don't hear from each other every day? Share your experiences and opinions :)


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  • I like to speak to my other half each day, at minute I'm lucky if see her twice a week mostly just once a week which believe me sucks cause it's only a few hours try talk as much as I can. But right now I'm hoping it's the time and with everything going on that we will be together more so.. If I could love see her least 3 times a week be good if stay one of those nights and if that was case wouldn't need text all day happy to just text when I was coming round so plenty talk about. Some people are different though. Want all time together others just now and again

    • "your other half" - are you talking about dating or a relationship?

    • My other half is my girlfiend but mines is all fairly tail it's complicated at minute but besides that. That's my idea amount to see one another if could

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  • Hey Anon!

    I think it's very important to remember that a healthy relationship means that there needs to be some healthy balance. Too much space and awkward silence can make conversation points harder but the current relationship I'm in now is so far working well based on the following:

    Firstly to answer your initial headline question, I was friends with my now boyfriend for a year and a half before we mutually decided to become a couple.
    The optimum? As long as two people know each other well enough, time varies but maybe at least a solid lot of months or a year at minimum to know their quirks etc.

    Ok now for the juice:
    -my guy and I see each other twice during the weeknight, say Wednesday, then Friday/Saturday maybe through to Sunday morning. It varies depending what plans he or I have. Doing things together or sepately is healthy and not too smothering.
    - Things are fine if you don't talk every day but chances are, if a man talks to you a few times daily, he has you on his mind for sure. My guy talks to me daily. If I don't hear from him, I miss him. Missing each other is good to feel as well. More to catch up on and more appreciation felt and given. Being available too much means a person isn't living life to full capacity. Besides, hobbies and interests are great to have :) makes us curious creatures. My guy paints and plays warhammer, I paint, do photography, I do all sorts of things. But we take an interest for each other's hobbies and passions. :)


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  • it needs a lot of contact i believe... like once per day... otherwise... hard... if u want that some1 as yer "official"

  • I work with my girlfriend and see her everyday but when I have off for school.

    It's nice to know that we are there for each other in situations where we have each others back.

    Keeping it a secret from our coworkers is hard though. Technically we are not supposed to be dating because she works in HR and I don't,.


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  • Before we were "together" he would text a few times a day and call every night. Once we got together, he basically did that for several months, but slowly decreased to maybe only talking and going out a few times a week. When he doesn't call or answer, I do feel a bit bummed, since talking to him makes me happy and I just like listening to him, but what can you do. Ideally, I would like at least a short call before/in bed, talk about the day or something coming up, say goodnight and sleep.

  • My wife and I met, becuase she was a classmate of my sisters, they used to hang out with a guy, and one day the invited me to go out. I joined the group, we were 4 girls and one guy. She and I grew up closer until we began dating, then engaged and finally married on March 1st. She is 6-7 years older than me.


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