Not sure if I came on too strong , any thoughs on this girl ?

i meet her at the gym a few weeks back and have talked to her there a few times and tried to get to know her. but she is always wearing these skin tight yoga pants and i can't help but check her out as she has this killer body and tight butt. so wonder if maybe she's got annoyed by that or likes the attention.

i've also tried to ask her some questions to get to know her better but wonder if she finds me noisy. today i saw her in gym it was almost empty so just us there and like 2 guys no other girls at all , and i was sort of working out near her and she didn't seem to mind that , but then i tried to talk to her as we were leaving and just felt she was a bit uncomfortable , i didn't ask her out or felt i tried anything inapproaite as we were leaving. but just sort of felt i had come on too strong but still felt she was interested during the other times i've talked to her so sort of confused and unsure about things. maybe she was just nervous as she realsied i wanted more from her? i'm not sure


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  • girls are always like this. Remember, our actions have nothing to do with what we realy think! We dont show out our feelings, sometimes, we even tend to hide it. So if you like her, keep doing what you shoud do. If she realy likes you too, she will only be glad but not to be scared out. sometimes, girls just pretend that to make guys think they are hard to get.


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