He finally came up to me and I had a dumb blonde moment! Now I don't know if he was trying to make a move or not. Please help me?

so this guy and I have been talking and we were going to go to an amusement park together in a group but got too busy but we were texting (I started texting him and it started to feel one sided and my friend said I'm awkward at texting him) but it's hard for us to talk at school because in class he sits on the opposite side of the room, but Monday we started a project with groups and when we got into groups he picked people that sat next to me (that I've never seen him talk to once so ever and he has other friends in the class) and when our teacher was explaining the project he was just looking at me the whole time. Then the next day my group was at computers in the back researching our project and he came up to us and looked me right in the eyes and asked "what topic are you guys doing" like trying to make it casual but of course I have a dumb blonde moment and totally forget and my friend, who knows we've been talking, anwsers and he kept looking at me and said "okay" and walked away and I wasn't thinking to follow it up with what topic are you doing or anything, then today in class he was walking around the room and passed me twice (looking at me). So I don't know what to do I feel like he finally took a chance to talk to me and I totally blew it and I feel like an idiot because that was my chance. Should I text him? Is he interested? Please help!
Today in class he was walking around the class and sat at a desk near me and he wasn't next to anyone he talks to and then he kept staring at me and looking at me then a teacher made a comment on the thing I was working on and the guy made a comment too.
Then this girl who has always had it out for me was talking to him casually and then right when I walked in to the room 'happy birthday' and hugged him and he kinda hugged back, I know he use to like her but she had a boyfriend and he just broke up with her like a week ago and now she's flirting with everyone.


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  • Why dont you just go up to him in class and start a conversation.

    • Because I get social anxiety

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  • try talking to him girly thats what u need to do.. MAN UP for god sakes! he wants to talk to you but it kinda sounds like he wants u to come over and start talkin to him instead... maybe because he wants to see if u care... and if ur too shy to then why not in class sit next to him and start passing notes without getting caught of course :)


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