Will things change?

I was planning on giving my unavailable older guy friend a love/goodbye letter today since he's leaving town, but failed.
He started talking about giving me his grand piano (his best friend) before he leaves, and I felt like if I gave him the letter today he may feel uncomfortable and change his mind and even stop talking to me completely. So, I freaked out and couldn't give him the letter... I really want his piano since it's something that means a lot to him... But I also want him to know how I feel before he leaves.

The next time I see him is the day after tomorrow. Should I give him the letter and possibly give up both the piano and our friendship OR give up confessing my feelings and stay as close as we are as well as getting his gift - piano?
  • Give the love letter and possibly give up the piano + our friendship
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  • Burn the letter, keep things as they are, and get his piano - although we could lose touch after he leaves...
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I gave him my letter. Thank you for your opinions, this question is officially closed.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Why would you lose the friendship? If anything I would expect he would be flattered. And you never know, he may feel the same way. I own a baby grand and it is not an inexpensive item. Him giving you his grand is a big deal. My guess is he has feelings for you as well. He could be the one. Carpe diem!

    • Did you see where i wrote UNAVAILABLE? :(
      Unavailable as in marrieddd...

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    • I don't think his wife knows yet...

    • You will remain friends for sure.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Is he married? If not you should tell him how you fell don't let matiral things, and gifts come in the way of exspresing your fellings. If you don't ever give him the note you know you'll regret it for the rest of your life. What's the piano without the man (your love), because you know every time you play it or even look at it, you know you'll miss him, and wish you could go back I'm time to tell him how you feel. If you don't tell him you will never know if he felt the same way, and where it could have went/taken you both.


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What Guys Said 3

  • If he is married then that's a hell of a gift to be giving you. If your feelings for him are romantic and he's married, probably not a good idea to tell him.

  • This man is Married?
    these are dark waters your treadimg on. Do you really lovethis man? Is it worhworth the rrisl?

    • He's worth it because he's leaving and I may never see him again :( I really do love him... I want him to know how I feel but our friendship is precious to me too...

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    • Yeah, I've thought about that.. Maybe I will tell him directly. Thank you.

    • Its what i do.:-)

  • It sucks when these things happen
    i hope you can put this behind you


What Girls Said 2

  • Wow! What? If I knew that he was married I would have said DONT GIVE THE LETTER AND BREAK OFF CONTACT IF YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH HIM! He's married, you shouldn't come in between that!

  • This is one of those situations that I would personally regret if I didn't do it, no matter what happens after.


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