Girls, how do I convince her I'm serious and not a player?

I'll try to make this brief. Met a girl through mutual friends who thought we'd be a good match and they were right we hit it off immediately. We have an amazing connection and after like 4 dates actually have had numerous strangers approach us telling us we look like such a happy, loving couple. We both have been single and dating for a while because we were both kind of burned out from previous relationships. I have a very strong personality, not to pat myself on the back but I'm always the life of the party, I speak very well, never had a problem approaching girls and finding dates and I do stand up comedy so I like to think I'm funny lol and it's literally nothing to do with me chasing girls or anything but my personality she said makes her think I'm a player so I broke it all down for her the other night and told her I'm totally falling for her because I am and she started crying lol because she's falling for me too. She's starting to think I'm not but what else can I do to erase that image from her head?
Here's a text she sent me tonight: Fuck you lmao I should of kept my mouth shut 😂 so I was going through my phone looking at pics and videos I took on Saturday and Sunday (again haha) and of course I was happy watching them but then I watched one video I took of the whole stadium and You were in it for like two seconds.. The blinding lights at night, the view of the field and of the stadium, the players, the noises of people cheering and then two seconds of you smiling while you drank your
beer... I don't know what the fuck happened but I got a lump in my throat and I started crying. At first it was like only three tears then boom a good amount of water works. I kept rewatching it to try to understand why I was crying because I felt so happy while I was crying.. Its just simple. I prayed my Ass off for a good two days to just have a happy and safe time. Especially because Friday just made me kinda irritated with myself, I wanted to redeem my time with you.. and I felt more then


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  • A romatic gesture perhaps? Talk to her a lot and oh! Talk to her friends about how much you like her and they will tell her and she will know you like her! Good luck! ^^

    • I did tell our mutual friends actually lol and I'm about to update this with a text she just sent me tonight so check that out n let me know what you think lol. We spent the whole weekend together and I took her to a baseball game Saturday night and it was amazing for us both

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    • Ohhh!! If she just got the surgery then go to her house with some movies and soup or better yet icecream! (Can she eat icecream? Oh well, just bring her something yummy she can eat, especially if it's her fave food) and just be romantic and helpfull, y'kno? The best way to show her you like her is to do stuff like that and to be caring and to be there for her

    • Lol no she didn't have surgery she just had to take antibiotics. But yeah I'll take care of her and make her tea and all that. She said I shocked her the other night because I just let it all out and told her I'm falling for her so I guess I'm doing okay lol

  • make her feel special and treat her like she's the only one in the world. just remember actions speak louder than words. Surprise her with LITTLE cute things but don't over do it. best of luck!


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