From his actions, how would you say he feels about me?

We hung out with a group of friends the other night and I said that I would cab home and he offered to drive me home. He kissed me twice on tne way. Its also a far drive for him and he had to be up early the next day. Did he just want to get me alone? Im just wondering does he really like me and care about me? I do like him and want more than just hooking up. We have been on a few dates now, been hooking up, hanging out for the last three months now. I think he does like me, but not sure if he is looking for something more than just hooking up. He did just tell me he missed having me in town. He also told me he thinks Im a cool girl to hang out with and thinks we really hit it off, when I asked him what he thought about me


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  • I think he probably does care about you because tbh I wouldn't go out of my way like that for a girl I just considered a hookup

    • He is a really nice guy in general though to everyone

    • I'm nice to everyone too but if I had to get up early in the morning I wouldn't go out of my way like that for someone I didn't care about

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  • Best way to really find out would be to just ask.


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  • He likes having you around for sex and he's trying to appeal to your female emotions by paying you nonsexual compliments in order to keep the sexual relationship going.


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