How do I tell him I like him and want more than just hooking up? Is there even a point?

We have been on a few dates now, been hooking up, hanging out for the last three months now. I think he does like me, but not sure where we stand. He did just tell me he missed having me in town. He also told me he thinks Im a cool girl to hang out with and thinks we really hit it off, when I asked him what he thought about me. We hung out with a group of friends the other night and I said that I would cab home and he offered to drive me home. He kissed me twice on the way. Its a far drive for him and he had to be up early the next day. Im just wondering does he really like me and care about me? I do like him and want more than just hooking up. Also a few weeks ago I was out with friends and he insisted on meeeting up with me and met me.


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