What are the right things to say to a girl, when you like her?

Normally I am a quiet person, very introspective and a daydreamer. I have a day job and ambitions, a lot of times I don't execute them except for trying to get into the health field. I love working on computers and computer networks (always thinking about starting my own business, but just don't have the right experience or funds), playing musical instruments (always told I should make a cd on my main instrument), but too afraid to pursue either one because I am not sure if I am good enough and the job security it is not as secure as I want it to be. Besides all of that good stuff I will pass by people and say hi and talk to people. During these conversations I am always wondering if my lips are chapped, something in my nose or what the person might notice, and people always talking about how I gained weight and saying I need to lose weight (also every bad quality I have they use it against me and say I will never find a girl because of it including my weight, which has played true for most of it, because most of the girls I tend to drift towards end up that way). So for the most part I am always uncomfortable on the inside and can't wait for the conversation to be done. When it comes to girls in my head I would love to take a girl out, but know for a fact I don't know what to say and have no confidence in that aspect since I have never really had success.

Aside from my huge essay about some of the good and bad things about me, my biggest problem is actually talking to a girl (which by far is the most important thing). I have always wanted to be able to smooth talk a girl and actually have a girlfriend. Whereas I normally get a few dates and the longest relationship I had was three months and that didn't end to well. So for me it comes down to how to consistently figuring out things to say and how to flirt and understand when a girl wants me to keep going and talking to her? I have a hard time doing this without feeling awkward or feeling like she can see through me and see all of my insecurities and that I feel like a bum not doing anything with my life (even though I do have something I want to do with my life, but just at a crossroad right now).


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  • Be funny girls love funny guys for instance one of my guy friends can easily charm girls just by his grin and good humor although he doesn't date there would probably be a line of girls waiting for him if he asked so try to be funny :-)


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  • go look at david wygant videos on youtube, he is not a PUA he is a lifecoach on these things, the videos are short but meaningful, trust me this guy does not bullshit around, he tells you exactly what you need to do


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