Do you think she lying or is just a punk tease?

I was 21 and she was 19. We dated 8 months with no sex since she was a "VIRGIN" and wanted to wait. She soon left to college 300 miles away so it was on/off thing. She was never an angel but she's changed a lot like she dirty talks more deeply, wears revealing clothes, has tattoos and a tongue piercing. She's hot not going to lie so you can bet many men want her.

The point is lately i'm having doubts if she's even still a virgin or even was... Do you think she lying or is just a punk tease?

Example #1 (this particular night she wanted pizza)

Her: Hey babe can you get me a pizza?

Me: Sorry i lost my wallet

Her: C'mon i will suck your d! ck ;)

Me: How about we wait till next time your in my room and we'll do all this together?

Her: No you can stay dry boy!


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  • what kind of strange conversation is this lol?

    im not sure if she was trying to tease u thinking you'll do what she wants, or if she is lying bout her virginity. hard to say. we dont know her as well as u do.


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  • Its strange


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