I have really bad trust issues and I feel like I will never have a boyfriend because of it is this normal?

The last person I was serious about played me very badly, (he's my cousins best friend) he knew I have depression and anxiety issues and he "promised" to be there for me no matter what I really cared about him, one time we got into an argument because I accused him of playing games like we were talking for 5 months and yet he had no intention of making me his gf he wanted to wait, yet I did things for him like a gf would so he said I'm too much and I was being pushy and when we argued he called me a bitch and said he hoped I die and out of anger I told him his mother I felt really bad and apologized and he wouldn't accept it and blocked me and when I found out he had a new chick after I was so hurt he claimed that girl as his gf yet me not once and it's like he never cared. Now I'm talking to someone new he seems nice but my trust issues are getting to me I keep having a feeling he's flirting with other women in their fb messages or through dm and it's getting to a point where I feel it's best I stop talking to him because one day I'm going to assume something and accuse him and like the other guy left me he will do the same.
Seriously need advice :/ thank you to everyone in advance


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  • Holy run on sentences batman. That's a hard read.

    Just talking with someone doesn't mean they are obligated to stop talking/flirting with others.

    You would probably benefit from therapy.

    • Lol sorry for the read, just feeling confused.

    • he wasted her time... dont tell me he wasn't aware that he was into him? bullshit
      guys/men ARE selfish

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  • I really feel your pain here, I have terrible anxiety and depression too and like you I was seeing a guy who kept saying he would one day make me his girlfriend but it never happened. Luckily after him I met my boyfriend and we've been together for 6 months. My only advice is to try and relax and not get your hopes too high when it comes to a new guy. If he truly likes you he will ask you out or ask you to be his girlfriend. People usually know straight away if they want to be with someone. It's not the best advice but it's what I've learnt from my past dating experiences.


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  • I have so trust issues too. You just have to learn how to let your guard down a bit. Let others in.


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