I can't ask him out, help me...before it's too late?

OK.. so it all started 7 -8 months ago... There's a guy in my campus who is super shhhyyy and I am 1001% sure that he loves me and I love him too but the problem is he is soon shy that whenever I start conversation he just... I mean he get soo nervous (and point to be noted I am also very shy and it's to hard to get courage and talk to him ) and now I don't know what to do and I can't ask him out cuz where i lives its not allowed to go out with a guy... but we can hang out at lunch or in school... so plzz help me... and only my best fend knows that I have a crush on him... and she is very confident loud and outgoing person...


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  • Stop being nervous. Stop thinking your nervous. In fact, just stop thinking that much, and go up and talk to him. And eat lunch with him, whatever.

    You have to start somewhere.

  • Yeah, whatever, you're 13.

    • Actually now I'm 15...
      I forgot to change...

    • I mean... accidentally I put 13 but I'm 15 years old..

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